EU Notification (CPNP)

NEW! If the Product has been notified by CTL® in the European CPNP Database (SANCO-CPNP) then this is denoted in the respective field together with the date of notification.


You can enter either the article number or the colour for the search. Enter into the field and click on send. You must enter at least 3 characters.

Article No.

European article numbers are very often a 13- or 8-digit barcode. Enter the number in the search field to find the product.


If you are looking for a certified colour enter the colour itself, i.e. red, black etc. This will give you a list of all certified Tattoo Colorants of this shade.

We have often found colorants which contain pigments leading to carcinogenic amines. Please note that these are also produced when removing a Tattoo using a laser. These harmful amines - which are colourless - can get into the blood stream. This then poses a real danger to your health. Take no risks! There is no need to, you can find the best products here in the CTL® Database.


The name of the supplier is denoted in the respective field.

Suppliers listed here are aware of the possible health risks caused by Tattoo Colorants and minimize all risks by having their products tested. Your health is important to them.


The country of origin is denoted in the respective field.


The date the product was tested at CTL® is denoted in this field. Products which have not not been tested or retested for more than 3 years are automatically deleted from the database. Should we find products on the market which no longer comply with Resolution ResAP(2008)1 they will automatically be deleted. As a Consumer or Tatto Artist you have the right to find products which have passed the most stringent tests. Use our database and minimize the risks. Its your health, your body! Quite simple!

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